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  • Three principles of choosing the milling cutter(2)


    The choice of milling cutter inserts:1, for fine milling, it is best to use ground inserts. Such inserts have better dimensional accuracy, so the cutting edge in the milling positioning accuracy is higher, can get better machining accuracy and surface roughness. In addition, the trend of milling cut Read More

  • Three principles of choosing the milling cutter(1)


    A milling cutter is a rotating tool with one or more teeth used for milling. Each tooth intermittently cuts away the workpiece in turn. Milling cutters are mainly used for milling machines to process planes, steps, grooves, shaped surfaces and cut off workpieces. The author believes that in the sele Read More

  • The main factors affecting the wear of graphite milling cutters


    Tool material is the basic factor that determines the cutting performance of the tool, which has a great influence on the machining efficiency, machining quality, machining cost and tool durability of the tool. The harder the tool material, the better the wear resistance, the higher the hardness, th Read More

  • What are the characteristics of cemented carbide tools?


    Carbide tools, especially indexable carbide tools, are the leading products of CNC machining tools, and since the 1980s, a variety of integral and indexable carbide tools, or inserts, have been extended to various machining areas. Tools, with indexable carbide tools have expanded from simple tools a Read More

  • How to use tungsten steel milling cutter(2)


    3, tungsten steel milling cutter end-edge cuttingIn the CNC milling process of mold and other workpiece cavities, when the cutting point is a concave part or deep cavity, the extension of the tungsten steel milling cutter needs to be lengthened. If a long flute tungsten steel milling cutter is used, Read More

  • How to use tungsten steel milling cutter(1)


    1, Clamping of tungsten steel milling cutterMost of the milling cutters used in machining centers are clamped by spring clamp set and are in cantilever form when used. In the milling process, sometimes there may be milling cutters from the tool holder gradually extended, or even completely fall off, Read More

  • What coating is better for milling cutters?


    Nowadays, there are quite a lot of coating technologies applied to coated milling cutters. The main coatings are: titanium nitride coating, titanium nitride carbide coating, titanium nitride and titanium nitride coating, chromium nitride coating, diamond coating, oxide coating, and different coating Read More

  • How to choose the size when customizing milling cutters?


    There are many considerations when customizing milling cutters, such as the size issue, if the custom size is not suitable then it is equivalent to the whole operation is scrapped, which seriously increases the cost of all kinds.Today, for example, we will give you an example of how to choose the ri Read More

  • What are the main uses of milling cutters


    Milling cutter is a rotating tool with one or more teeth used for milling, and the teeth are used to intermittently cut off the workpiece in turn. According to the purpose, material and structure of the milling cutter milling cutter is divided into different types, the following is a brief introduct Read More

  • Classification and characteristics of milling cutters


    1, Cylindrical milling cutterUsed for horizontal milling machine to process the plane. The teeth of the cutter are distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter, and are divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth according to the shape of the teeth. According to the number of teeth into c Read More

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