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  • Zirconia ceramics offer a combination of performance and cost advantages


    It is understood that zirconia ceramics are a new type of high-tech ceramic, which in addition to having the high strength, hardness, high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and high chemical stability that ceramics should have, also has a higher toughness than ordinary ceramics, maki Read More

  • What is the difference between microporous ceramics and zirconia ceramics?


    Recently, many users consult microporous ceramic products, here to briefly give you a science, we look at microporous ceramics and zirconia ceramics what exactly the difference.Different structureMicroporous ceramics refers to the ceramic body containing a large number of open or closed tiny pores i Read More

  • Grinding and processing technology for zirconia ceramics


    Grinding of ceramics usually refers to the use of micron-sized abrasive grains, which are harder than ceramic materials, to achieve micro-cutting and rolling action under the action of hard grinding discs to remove a small amount of material from the surface to be machined, so that the shape and dim Read More

  • What are the technical difficulties of ceramic grinding processes?


    Zirconia ceramic is in the plane grinding processing is more commonly used in processing, in order to meet consumer demand, the zirconia ceramic grinding machine, zirconia ceramic products for plane grinding and polishing.There are three crystalline forms of zirconia ceramics: monoclinic zirconia, t Read More

  • Introduction and history of ceramic knife(3)


    The history of ceramic tools:As early as 1912-1913. Aluminium oxide ceramic tools were introduced in the UK and Germany (but the patent for ceramic tools was obtained by the German company Degussa in 1938). Production use began in 1950. Due to their low strength and toughness. For a long time they w Read More

  • Introduction and history of ceramic knife(2)


    Background to the emergence of ceramic tools:A tool is a tool used in mechanical engineering for cutting and machining, also known as a cutting tool. Broadly speaking, cutting tools include both tools and abrasives. The vast majority of tools are for machine use, but they are also used by hand. As t Read More

  • Introduction and history of ceramic knife


    The emergence of ceramic cutter blades has changed the way the cutter industry views materials, so let's take a look at what ceramic cutters are today.Ceramic knives are made of special ceramic raw materials that are non-metallic materials, due to the control of raw material purity and particle size Read More

  • What types of materials are available for ceramic blades?


    The progress of ceramic insert materials is focused on improving the performance of traditional ceramic materials for cutting tools, refining the grain, compounding components, using coatings, improving the sintering process and developing new products, in order to obtain high temperature resistance Read More

  • Benefits of Ceramic Knives and Introduction


    A. Gastrointestinal healthCeramic knives are not corroded by solvents such as hydrochloric acid, chlorine or salt water, so they do not harbour bacteria and do not leave any odour on the food. Resistant to food oxidation Food cut with Yibo ceramic knives will remain oxidation-free for a long time in Read More

  • Characteristics of CNC machining tools


    From the cutting process can be divided into①Turning tools are divided into external, internal, external and internal threads, grooving, end cutting, end ring grooving, cutting, etc.CNC lathes generally use the standard machine-clamped indexable tools. The inserts and tool bodies of the clamp indexa Read More

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