How do I choose a tungsten carbide saw blade cutter?
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How do I choose a tungsten carbide saw blade cutter?

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Metal, woodworking, aluminium, plastic and other materials can be processed with an integral tungsten steel saw blade, which can be used for cutting and slotting almost all kinds of materials. The advantages of this type of saw blade are.

1, this saw blade belongs to the high-end cutting, more suitable for the processing of small materials, the minimum diameter can be 12mm, the maximum diameter can be 250mm.

2, the thickness of this type of saw blade can be very thin. The use of the process is more material-saving. Especially suitable for cutting some more expensive materials. Due to the thinness of the saw blade, it is more labour-saving material. This will also save a large amount of money

3、Rotating speed 6000~6500rpm, adjustable speed.

4、It can be used repeatedly for resharpening. As long as the resharpening diameter is not smaller than the cutting range. This will reduce a lot of production costs.

5, water cutting lubrication. Generally do not use oil or the like to do lubrication.

Of course, in the selection of the overall tungsten steel saw blade milling cutter also need to pay attention to its scene and the size of the saw blade milling cutter, thickness, etc.

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1, tungsten steel saw blade milling cutter diameter and the sawing equipment used and the thickness of the sawing tapping, saw blade milling cutter diameter is small, the cutting speed is relatively low; saw blade milling cutter diameter up to the requirements of the saw blade and sawing equipment to be high, colleagues sawing efficiency is also high, saw blade milling cutter scene according to different circular saw machine tool models Xi'an then use the diameter of the tungsten steel saw blade milling cutter to match.

2, the number of teeth of the saw, generally speaking, the more teeth, the more cutting edges in the unit of time, cutting performance about good, but saw teeth Guomi, the chip capacity between the teeth will become smaller, easy to trigger the saw blade heat, in addition too many saw teeth, when the feed with improper words, the amount of chipping per tooth is very little, will intensify the friction between the edge and the workpiece, affecting the service life of the blade.

3, the thickness of the tungsten saw blade from the theory, we hope that the thinner the tungsten saw blade the better, because the saw slit is actually a kind of consumption. The material of the tungsten saw blade and the process of manufacturing the tungsten saw blade determine the thickness of the blade, the thinner the thickness, the easier the saw blade is to shake when working, affecting the cutting effect.

4, the choice of tungsten steel saw blade should be from the stability of the work of the saw blade and the material of the saw blade to consider, some special purposes of the material requirements of the thickness is also specific, should be used in accordance with the requirements of the equipment.

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