How to cut stainless steel materials better
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How to cut stainless steel materials better

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Stainless steel is one of our common but indeed more difficult to process a material, currently more professional non-standard cutting tool companies, such as Suzhou UB Tools, master certain cutting skills, so cutting and processing is not as difficult as imagined. Stainless steel special milling cutters are characterized by: stainless steel adhesion and fusion of strong, easy to adhere to the chips on the milling cutter teeth, so that cutting conditions deteriorate; reverse milling, the cutter teeth first in the hardened surface glide, increasing the trend of hardening: milling impact, vibration, so that the milling cutter teeth easy to collapse and wear.

Milling stainless steel in addition to end mills and part of the available tungsten carbide milling cutter, its material composition are made of tungsten steel material, especially tungsten carbide and titanium carbide carbide with good results, tool wear resistance good.

When milling stainless steel, the cutting edge should be both sharp and able to withstand impact, and the chip tank should be large. A large spiral angle milling cutter can be used to increase the angle of rotation b from 20° to 45°, tool durability can be increased by more than two times, because at this time the working front angle of the milling cutter g0e increased from 11° to more than 27°, milling light and fast. However, the value of b should not be larger, especially for end mills with b ≤ 35 ° is appropriate, so as not to weaken the cutter teeth.

end mill

Milling stainless steel, should be as far as possible using the smooth milling method of processing. Asymmetrical milling method can ensure that the cutting edge smoothly cut away from the metal, chip bonding contact area is smaller, easy to be thrown off under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, so as to avoid the cutter teeth to re-cut into the workpiece, chip impact on the front surface of the cutting tool to produce flaking and chipping phenomenon, improve the durability of the tool. The use of waveform edge end mill processing stainless steel pipe or thin-walled parts, cutting light and fast, small vibration, chip fragmentation, the workpiece does not deform. High-speed milling with carbide end mills and indexable end mills for milling stainless steel can achieve good results.

When milling stainless steel material, the cutting is smooth, the machine does not vibrate, the tool is in a good chip situation, there is no tangled chip, sticky chip phenomenon; within the effective processing length, the tool edge wear is reasonable, the surface roughness of the machined parts can meet the cutting requirements. This shows that the stainless steel milling cutter is made of sub-micro grain carbide material and the tool surface is coated with high aluminium AlTiN, which makes the tool resistant to high temperature and surface fatigue wear during cutting and effectively reduces the tool surface friction. The tool is designed with multiple cutting edges and chip flutes with unequal tooth spacing, so that the tool has good chip evacuation performance during cutting, less vibration during cutting and keeps cutting smoothly. Therefore, the design of stainless steel milling cutter can meet the cutting requirements of stainless steel materials.

The above is the UB Tools for everyone in the processing of stainless steel materials, why choose stainless steel special milling cutter, for your reference, later regardless of non-standard tools, non-standard milling cutter stainless steel special milling cutter, shaped milling cutter, thread milling cutter, tungsten steel drill, reamer, milling cutter, rough skin milling cutter, taper milling cutter, reamer, tapping and so on a variety of issues, welcome to discuss together.

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