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How to cut stainless steel materials better(2)

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Selection of alloy milling cutter inserts

We all know that alloy milling cutter is a more widely used in the line of a tool, its main use in grinding tools, wear-resistant parts, its work in the poor standard, to have sufficient wear resistance, with a symbol of high toughness raw materials have mold steel, hardened steel. Because for their work strength requirements are high, compressive strength can reach 2600Mpa, and the heat transfer coefficient is relatively low, classified as difficult to drill raw materials, need to use high toughness turning tool manufacturers processing.

For fine milling, it is best to use grinding blades.

This type of cutter head has excellent specification type precision, so the edge in the drilling with a higher level of accuracy, and can get excellent processing accuracy.

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In addition, a common trend in deep machining is to grind the filter mud grooves to create a larger front angle drilling edge, allowing drilling on small walking tools and small cutting depths. And no sharp front angle carbide tool bits, elected to use a small walking tool, small cut production processing, the sharp knife will rub the product workpiece, CNC blade cycle is short.

Some places of production and processing using pressure knife is more appropriate, sometimes must also choose to grind the blade. Primary processing is best used to effectively inhibit the blade, which allows production management costs can be reduced. The precision and sharpness of the blade is lower than that of a sharpened blade, but the compressive working strength of the blade can be better. Inhibited inserts sometimes have a chip groove in front of the insert, which can reduce friction with the workpiece by lowering the cutting process speed, cutting and reducing the corporate output signal power control requirements.

However, the surface layer of the compression blade is not as close to the ground blade, metering accuracy is lower. So we are widely used in the production and manufacturing of enterprises.

Abrasive large front angle blades can be used to cut stainless steel plate and other sticky materials. According to the cutting effect of the blade, reduce the friction between the blade and the product production raw material enterprises, so that the blade for rapid development away.

As another component, the restraining insert can be placed on top of most alloy milling cutters and then fitted with a polishing insert. The scraper blade eliminates the primary machining tool line and allows a better roughness to be obtained than if only a restraining insert were used. The use of blades reduces cycle times, controls costs and is widely used in milling, slot milling and milling.

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