What should I do if a tap or drill bit breaks during machining?
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What should I do if a tap or drill bit breaks during machining?

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1, Fill some lubricating oil, use a sharp pin or chopper to slowly knock out the broken surface in the reverse direction, and reverse the iron sharpening from time to time (the most common method in the workshop, but it may not be suitable for threaded holes with too small apertures or broken taps that are too long, but you can try).

2, Welding a handle or hexagonal nut on the broken section of the tap and then gently reversing it out (it would have been a good method, but welding is somewhat troublesome, or in the same words, it is not suitable for smaller diameter taps).

3, with special tools: broken taps out, the principle is that the workpiece and taps are connected to positive and negative electrodes, the middle of the filling electrolyte, resulting in the workpiece to the taps discharge corrosion, and then auxiliary pointed pliers, etc. to remove the bore damage is very small


4, take the steel roller top in the tap crack with a small hammer slowly knock, tap is brittle, and finally knocked into slag out, or more simply, directly to the broken tap thread hole drilling bad live boring bad, re-expansion tapping (if the tap diameter is too small is not good, the diameter is too large, knock up is also quite exhausting).

5, Weld the threaded hole where the broken tap is located, then grind it flat and re-drill it, although it is difficult but slowly can be drilled (if the threaded hole can be replaced, when re-drilling and tapping, it is recommended to replace it next to the original threaded hole).

6, Chisel a slot in the broken tap cross-section and screw it up with a screwdriver in the opposite direction (the slot is very difficult to chisel out, and it is even more difficult if the tap diameter is small).

7, the threaded hole of the broken tap drilled large, and then set a steel wire bush or pin or something, and then welding, grinding, re-drilling tapping, you can do basically the same (this method is troublesome, but very practical, the size of the tap does not matter).

8, beat off with electric impulses, EDM or wire cutting can be, hurt the hole can be reamed plus steel wire bushing (this method is more simple and convenient, as for the coaxiality temporarily do not consider, unless your coaxiality of that threaded hole directly affects the quality of the equipment).

9, make a simple tool while inserted into the broken cone section of the chip slot space, carefully reverse wrench out, such as, available with a square tenon on the broken cone screw 2 nuts, with a steel wire (the number of roots and the same number of taps slot) into the broken cone and the nut of the empty slot, and then use the reamer to wrench the square tenon in the direction of exit, the broken cone out (the theme of this method is to contact the broken cone of the chip slot, the use of steel wire, preferably steel needle to make a wrench specifically to take the broken wire. (Of course, if this kind of broken wire often occurs in the workshop, it is better to make a tool wrench like this).

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