What is the classification of common milling cutters?
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What is the classification of common milling cutters?

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Along with the increase in demand for stainless steel products, cutting tools have become the most commonly used tools in mechanical processing, as the saying goes, to do a good job, the first tool, choose a good tool will have twice the effect with half the effort, and the various types of tools needed in mechanical processing have the relevant models, specifications, to determine the tool installation, geometry, tool angle, etc., so how to choose? 

How to distinguish it? Milling cutter is a material that we process in common, then the common milling cutter in the end how to classify, can be specifically classified through the following functions.

1, according to the different tooth direction of the tool, can be divided into straight tooth milling cutter and oblique tooth milling cutter

2, according to the form of tooth back: divided into sharp tooth milling cutter and spade tooth milling cutter.

3, According to the structure: divided into integral, welded, inlaid teeth, indexable

4, according to the use: divided into cylindrical milling cutter, face milling cutter, disc milling cutter, saw blade milling cutter, vertical milling cutter, keyway milling cutter, mould milling cutter, angle milling cutter, molding milling cutter, etc.

milling cutter

Among the many milling cutters, we often use the following.

1, End Mills

End mills have cutting tools on the cylindrical surface and end face, they can simultaneously can be analyzed for cutting and can also work separately for research cutting.

2, three-sided edge milling cutter

Three-sided cutter milling cutter called three-sided cutter: three edges with back angle, sharp edge, cutting light. Is the standard machine tool for tooling, usually in the horizontal milling machine can be used, generally mainly for milling grooves and steps.

3, Face milling cutter

Face milling cutter cutting edge covered circumference and end face, end face cutting edge is the vice cutting edge, the diameter of this milling cutter exists larger, so in the use of tool selection we usually separate the teeth and body, generally can be used to produce and process corporate graphic design workpiece.

4, Threaded milling cutter

Threaded milling cutter manufacturing material is carbide, linear speed of 80m/min, high-speed steel tap linear speed of 10 × 30m/min, so the milling cutter is suitable for high-speed cutting.

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