What drill bit is good for stainless steel drilling
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What drill bit is good for stainless steel drilling

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The premise is that we should first understand the processing characteristics of stainless steel. Stainless steel material plasticity, high toughness, but drilling stainless steel surface hardening degree, high cutting temperature, drilling twist drill is surrounded by stainless steel surface hole wall is difficult to dissipate heat, very easy to stick drill bit.

Therefore, stainless steel drilling requires a high hardness of the drill bit, the surface finish should be good, the top angle of the drill bit is larger than the ordinary drill bit (between 130 - 135 degrees), while fully cooled, and into the amount of more than 0.15mm to cut as far as possible in the cold hardening layer. When drilling stainless steel, the speed is reduced as much as possible, and the drilling temperature is also reduced, while drilling with emulsion.


Commonly used drill bits for stainless steel drilling are: high cobalt twist drill (M35 twist drill, M42 twist drill), of which M42 high cobalt twist drill is more cost-effective. In addition, you can also use a changeable carbide tooth crown drill bit, but the price is higher.

Cobalt-containing twist drill is a twist drill that contains the chemical element cobalt (Co). The purpose of adding the chemical element cobalt (Co) is to improve the resistance of the twist drill to high temperatures and abrasion, so that the drill can successfully drill through the surface of stainless steel. There are two types of cobalt-containing twist drills: cobalt-containing and high-cobalt drills, and two types of materials: M35 and M42. Cobalt-containing twist drills are harder than normal twist drills, but they are also fragile.

The changeable carbide tooth crown drill is a new generation of drilling bit. It is a combination of steel drill body and replaceable integral carbide crown, and its processing accuracy is eight and a half pounds. But because the crown can be changed, it can reduce the processing cost and improve the drilling productivity. This drill can obtain accurate hole size increments and has a self-centering function, so the hole size processing accuracy is very high.

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