What coating is better for milling cutters?
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What coating is better for milling cutters?

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Nowadays, there are quite a lot of coating technologies applied to coated milling cutters. The main coatings are: titanium nitride coating, titanium nitride carbide coating, titanium nitride and titanium nitride coating, chromium nitride coating, diamond coating, oxide coating, and different coating technologies will make the cutter have different characteristics. If the coating technology is applied properly, it can greatly improve the performance of the tool. If it is not applied properly, it will not play any role in the improvement of tool performance. Here we will take you to understand what are the good quality characteristics of different coatings.

1, titanium nitride coating (TiN): TiN is a general-purpose PVD coating, which can improve the hardness of the tool and has a high oxidation temperature. The coating is used for HSS cutting tools with good processing effect.

2, titanium nitride carbide coating (TiCN): TiCN coating in the carbon element to improve tool hardness, good lubricity, is the ideal coating for high-speed steel cutting tools.

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3, titanium aluminum nitride and titanium aluminum nitride coating (TiAlN/AlTiN): titanium aluminum nitride and titanium aluminum nitride coating in the formation of a layer of aluminum oxide can improve the life of the tool in high-temperature processing. The coatings can be used for dry or semi-dry cutting operations. The ratio of aluminum and titanium contained in the coating is different. AlTiN coating has higher hardness than AlTiN coating, and it is a good coating choice in the field of high-speed machining.

4, chromium nitride coating (CrN): chromium nitride coating good anti-bonding properties make it the preferred coating in the processing of easy to produce chip tumor. After coated with this almost invisible coating, the machining performance of high-speed steel, carbide and other tools will be improved.

5, diamond coating (Diamond): Diamond coating for non-ferrous metal processing tools the best coating, is the processing of graphite, metal matrix composites (MMC), high silicon aluminum alloy and high abrasive material ideal coating (pure diamond coating tools can not process steel parts, processing steel parts will generate a lot of cutting heat, and lead to a chemical reaction, so that the adhesion layer between the coating and the tool is destroyed ). The coatings used for hard milling, tapping and drilling machining are different, they are used in specific situations. There are also multi-layer coatings, and such coatings have other coatings embedded between the surface layer and the tool substrate to improve the tool life.

6, oxidation coating (Homo): oxidation coating (Homo) is the tool in 500 ~ 550C water steam heating 30 ~ 60 minutes, so that the tool surface to generate Fe3O4 layer, which is an oxidation treatment method, the thickness of its oxide film in the range of 1 ~ 3. This film is porous because of the reason, can keep the cutting oil to reduce frictional heat, difficult to cut materials, high tensile steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc., tapping easy to wear very effective.


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