What are the commonly used tool materials?
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What are the commonly used tool materials?

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During the cutting process, the tool head must be subjected to high pressure and temperature. Therefore, in addition to sufficient strength, toughness and wear resistance, the tool head material must also have high red-hardness, that is, it can also maintain a high hardness performance at high temperatures. At this point, it is a test of the performance of the tool head material, then, someone will ask what are the common tool materials used by turners?

What are the commonly used tool materials for turning?

1, boron nitride cubic crystal boron nitride (CBN) is the material promoted, hardness and wear resistance second only to diamond, the tool is suitable for processing hard, wear-resistant iron group alloys and nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys.

2, sintered carbide tools carbide tools are powder metallurgy products, the main component of tungsten carbide tools is 50% to 90% tungsten, adding titanium, molybdenum, tantalum and other cobalt powder as a bonding agent, heating sintering completed.

3, high-speed steel high-speed steel is a steel-based alloy commonly known as white turning tools, carbon content of 0.7 ~ 0.85% of carbon steel with the addition of w, cr, v, co and other alloy elements.

4, tungsten carbide (WC), titanium carbide (TiC)C), cobalt (Co) and other materials, using powder metallurgy method of production, has a very hard performance, 800looo degrees Celsius is still very high (HRC6981), poor hardness, brittle material, its impact needs to be compensated by cutting angle of reasonable sharpening.

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5, high-speed steel is a high alloy tool steel containing tungsten, chromium, vanadium and other elements, the hardness after heat treatment to HRC62-65, its red hardness to 50 degrees, reaching 0 degrees also maintain hardness, not only for drilling milling, milling tools.

6, coated tool material consists of tool material (such as high-speed steel or carbide) base coated with thin hardness and high wear resistance of metal chemicals. The coated material has high hardness, good chemical stability, not easy to produce diffusion wear, small friction coefficient, can significantly improve the cutting performance of the tool, the service life will be 1-3 times higher than the uncoated carbide tools.

7, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools are mainly used for processing non-ferrous metals and other non-ferrous metals, can grind sharp edges, to obtain a good processing surface, is the priority material for processing new non-metallic materials, can cut carbide and industrial ceramics and other high hardness products.

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