UB Tools takes you through the easy process of choosing the right non-standard tool for your business
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UB Tools takes you through the easy process of choosing the right non-standard tool for your business

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At present, due to the increase in market demand for stainless steel products, the overall production is also gradually increasing, along with the increase in enterprise production, the problems during processing and manufacturing are also gradually revealed, and tools as the most commonly used tools in machining, as the saying goes, the work will be good first, choose a good tool will have twice the effect with half the effort, and all types of tools required in machining have relevant models, specifications. Determine the way the tool is mounted, geometry, tool angle, etc., then how to choose? How to distinguish it? There is a lot to learn, just today the crown drill precision for you to unlock a few selection skills.

First, the distinction between non-standard tools and general-purpose tools

In the production of some special parts, machining process will often encounter some workpiece surface geometry complex special, workpiece for heat treatment and increased hardness, workpiece for stainless steel and other easy to stick to the knife, the machined surface has a high roughness requirements, etc., it is difficult to use standard tools for processing, then the need for the tool material, the geometry of the cutter, geometric angle, etc., for targeted Design, this is different from the general tool that is non-standard tools, and in the machining process non-standard tools are very common, it will be based on the processing characteristics of the parts, specially designed and manufactured tools, can improve production efficiency, comprehensive cost reduction.

Therefore, the production of non-standard tools for mechanical cutting process is very important.

Second, how to choose the supplier

The suppliers on the market can be countless, but in order to ensure the quality of the tools purchased by the enterprise, so the enterprise must consider is the strength of the supplier, these strengths can be from the feedback speed of the supply chain, supporting the relevant services are in place, the supplier's quotation speed, quotation validity, quotation composition. Non-standard tools a system of engineering, the production side of the design department's experience and understanding of the use of party processing conditions will affect the design and production of non-standard tools, the production side of the production department's processing and testing methods will affect the accuracy and geometric angle of non-standard tools, the production side of the sales department's repeated visits, the collection of data and information will also affect the improvement of non-standard tools, and these will be used on the use of non-standard tools The success or otherwise of the use of non-standard tools will be decisive. 

Professional things to professional companies, Crown Diamond Precision now has imported CNC machining centres, professional production of high precision, high quality CNC tooling equipment, with stable quality CNC machine tool machining with milling cutters, drills, reamers and other metal cutting tools, from the quality of products strictly controlled, to provide customers with a perfect supply chain from sales, design, production, quality control and then to the logistics of the closed loop.

Three, combined with their own needs to choose different products

According to the characteristics of the area to be processed, the different processing stages of the workpiece, the performance of the demanded products and so on choose the suitable products. For example, in the roughing stage, our main purpose is to remove the residual, then we can choose a rigid, relatively low precision, chip removal performance of the large milling cutter, to the semi-finishing, finishing stage, the main thing is to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece and product quality, then you should choose a higher degree of durability, precision is also relatively high finishing milling cutter and so on, remember, combined with the actual, do not Remember, combine with the actual, do not blindly, and the crown drill precision will combine with the customer's needs to give targeted solutions, for customers to improve production efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs.

Suzhou UB Tools focuses on the development and manufacture of non-standard tools and non-standard milling cutters, covering stainless steel milling cutters, shaped milling cutters, threaded milling cutters, tungsten steel drills, reamers, milling cutters, rough skin milling cutters, taper milling cutters, reamers, taps and many other businesses, with the world's most advanced tool manufacturing and measuring equipment, the use of imported and domestic high-quality materials and equipment, the introduction of highly skilled personnel, after a strict We use imported and domestic high quality materials and equipment, introduce highly skilled personnel, after strict manufacturing standards, rich production experience, to provide customers with high quality products. We also specialise in providing corresponding machining process solutions for various difficult-to-cut materials to improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs for our customers. The company has a long history of providing quality services to customers in a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical machinery and electronics manufacturing, as well as to major manufacturing companies around the world.

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