Types of high-speed steel twist drills
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Types of high-speed steel twist drills

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Today I will be talking to you about the "never-ending twist drill" in the field of metal holemaking, and here I will focus on the HSS twist drill. Despite the continuous development of new hole processing tools in the modern industrialisation process, the twist drill has always been the mainstay of metal hole processing, and has never left its splendour.

The twist drill was invented in 1864 by an American mechanic (Stephen A. Morse) and was produced and promoted because the shape of the drill resembled a twist, so it was logically called a twist drill in China. The invention and use of the twist drill even contributed to the accurate manufacture of weapons in World War I and World War II, and a large number of German twist drill factories were formed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

As the most widely used twist drill, its raw material is also an important factor in determining the quality of the twist drill, and high-speed steel and carbide are the two most common raw materials for twist drills, today I am less than what we are talking about is about the high-speed steel twist drill is suitable for the processing of what drilling areas.

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High-speed steel twist drill is suitable for very many fields, according to the material, basically you can process copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, 45 #, and other metal steel, hardness within 30 ° in the case of high-speed steel twist drill can basically effectively complete the stable drilling.

Because most of the current high-speed steel twist drill for the hole diameter is generally within 50mm, if the straight shank high-speed steel twist drill for the hole diameter of almost within 25mm, and the market generally no one can do the twist drill too complete, most high-speed steel twist drill manufacturers are mainly 0.3-13.0. The advantage of HSS material itself is good toughness, both machine drilling and hand drilling can play the desired effect, especially for some not deep and shallow hole diameter, the general alloy drill is not toughness processing not deep and shallow hole diameter chip is not good enough, easy to break and crash, and the use of HSS twist drill effect is the opposite, timely wear resistance is not good enough, but the HSS twist drill with The advantage of toughness, in all aspects can be stabilised, and not wear-resistant can also be used repeatedly by resharpening, this situation than the use of alloy bits directly broken or chipped to save more costs. So when choosing a holemaking tool, it is important to find a company you can trust when choosing a HSS twist drill.

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