Three principles of choosing the milling cutter(2)
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Three principles of choosing the milling cutter(2)

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The choice of milling cutter inserts:

1, for fine milling, it is best to use ground inserts. Such inserts have better dimensional accuracy, so the cutting edge in the milling positioning accuracy is higher, can get better machining accuracy and surface roughness. In addition, the trend of milling cutters used for finishing is to grind out the chip roll groove, forming a large positive cutting edge, allowing the insert to cut on small feeds and small depths of cut. And no sharp front angle carbide inserts, when using small feed, small depth of cut processing tip will rub the workpiece, tool life is short.

2, Some processing occasions use pressed inserts is more appropriate, sometimes also need to choose the grinding of the insert. Rough machining is best to use pressed inserts, which can make processing costs lower. The dimensional accuracy and sharpness of the pressed inserts are worse than the ground force piece, but the strength of the pressed inserts is better when rough machining impact resistance and can withstand the greater depth of cut and feed. Pressed inserts sometimes have rolled chip grooves on the front face, which can reduce cutting forces, but also reduce friction with the workpiece, chips, reducing power requirements.


3, but the surface of the pressed inserts are not as tight as ground inserts, the size of the accuracy is poor, in the milling cutter body of each tip height difference is more. Because the pressed inserts are cheap, so they are widely used in production.

4, ground large front angle inserts, can be used to mill sticky materials (such as stainless steel). Through the shearing effect of the sharp blade, the friction between the insert and the workpiece material is reduced, and the chips can leave the front of the insert more quickly.

5, as another combination, the pressed insert can be mounted in most milling cutter insert seat, and then configured with a ground scraping blade. Scraping blade to remove roughing tool marks, than only use the pressed blade to get a better surface roughness. The application of scraping inserts also reduces cycle times and costs. Scraping technology is an advanced process that has been widely used in the field of turning, grooving, cutting and drilling.

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