The role of carbide drill milling cutter coating
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The role of carbide drill milling cutter coating

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Carbide drill milling cutter coatings (the coating itself is also a hard material) are all composed of a metal and a non-metal.

Some common carbide drill cutter coatings include titanium nitride (TiN), titanium nitride carbide (TiCN), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN), and aluminum chromium nitride (AlCrN). The periodic table of elements shows the metallic and non-metallic elements that are potential candidates for coating materials.

The role of carbide tool (drill and milling cutter, etc.) coating

1. adding wear resistance.

2. increase oxidation resistance.

3. reduce friction.

4. increase the resistance to metal fatigue.

5. increase thermal shock resistance.

When the proper tool coating is used in accordance with the design requirements, the end user can achieve the purpose of improving cutting parameters, extending tool life, and potentially achieving dry cutting machining.

Carbide (including a range of carbide products, such as carbide materials, carbide inserts, carbide tools, carbide wear parts, carbide dies, etc.) can wear carbide materials (especially carbide inserts) very severely during use due to complex stress effects on the surface and thermal wear during high speed operation, resulting in blunting of the carbide insert cutting edge, which The life of the carbide material is greatly reduced, which in turn gives a great reduction in production efficiency. In some special industries, some carbide products are often high hardness, but toughness can not reach, toughness to meet the requirements but the hardness does not reach the use of the requirements, wear resistance and service life is often not as good. So how can we make carbide really have high toughness and high hardness at the same time?


In order to achieve the effect of both, people think of every possible way on how to improve the service life of cemented carbide products and efforts, many materials engineers with unremitting efforts and multiple, many times of exploration and non-stop practice test, after nearly half a century of repeated testing and practice, and constantly summarize, improve the process, and finally found how to make cemented carbide in both high hardness and high toughness, so that its We finally found a way to make carbide hardness and toughness at the same time, so that its service life can be greatly improved. That is to coat the surface of cemented carbide with rare precious metals, which have higher hardness and bending strength than cemented carbide. These include TiN, TiC, Ti(C,Min), TiBN, TiB2, Al2O3, Ti(C,N) (CVD), TiN (PVD), etc., to improve the hardness and flexural strength of the carbide surface. Since the coating material has higher hardness and wear resistance than cemented carbide, it can make the wear life of cemented carbide increase exponentially after the coating treatment.

Carbide coating is actually the modification of the carbide surface, carbide physical modification is mainly through the coating method is to form a single or multi-layer structure on the surface of the carbide base material, thus giving new properties to the carbide material.

The benefit of the carbide product surface after coating (modification) treatment is to make the carbide surface with higher hardness, especially after carbide modified by multi-layer coating or multi-layer composite coating, it is significantly improve the wear resistance and service life of carbide, while not losing its heart toughness, significantly improve the use of carbide performance.

One more advantage of carbide coating is that it can be modified selectively for different applications to achieve the best performance desired. For example, carbide inserts can be modified by coating to significantly improve their wear resistance and heat resistance, thus enhancing their service life. For 14 years, Sidi Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing a series of cemented carbide products and has advanced technology and complete sets of equipment in cemented carbide surface modification to meet the surface treatment requirements of our customers.

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