The main factors affecting the wear of graphite milling cutters
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The main factors affecting the wear of graphite milling cutters

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Tool material is the basic factor that determines the cutting performance of the tool, which has a great influence on the machining efficiency, machining quality, machining cost and tool durability of the tool. The harder the tool material, the better the wear resistance, the higher the hardness, the lower the impact toughness and the more brittle the material.

Choosing the right graphite tool geometry angle helps to reduce tool vibration and in turn, graphite workpiece is less likely to collapse;

1. inclination, when graphite machining using negative front angle, tool edge strength, good impact and friction resistance, with the absolute value of the negative front angle of the reduction, the blade wear area changes little, but the overall trend of decline, positive front angle processing, with the front angle of the rise, the sharper the tool, but the tool blade strength weakened, resulting in the rear blade surface wear. Negative front tilt processing, cutting resistance increases, cutting vibration increases, the use of positive front tilt processing, tool wear is serious, cutting vibration is also larger. General rough machining should be selected with a small front knife or negative front knife.

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2. back angle, if the back angle increases, the cutting edge strength decreases, and the back tool surface wear area gradually increases. When the back angle of the tool is too large, cutting vibration will be enhanced. The smaller the back angle, the greater the length of frictional contact between the elastic recovery layer and the back tool surface, which is one of the direct causes of cutting edge and back tool surface wear. In this sense, increasing the back angle can reduce friction and improve the quality of the machined surface and tool life.

3. spiral up angle, spiral up angle is small, blade length of graphite workpiece cut into the same cutting edge is the longest, cutting resistance is the largest, reducing the impact force by the tool is the largest, therefore, tool wear, milling force and cutting vibration is the largest. When the helix angle decreases significantly, the direction of milling force deviates from the surface of the workpiece, the cutting impact caused by the collapse of graphite material increases, and the tool wear, milling force and cutting vibration increase. Therefore, the effect of the change of tool angle on tool wear, milling force and cutting vibration is produced by the front angle, back angle and helix angle, so more attention must be paid to the selection.

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