Resharpening problems in the use of stainless steel milling cutter
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Resharpening problems in the use of stainless steel milling cutter

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A few days ago the market demand for stainless steel milling cutter increasing, and we often ignore a hidden but important issue, is the stainless steel milling cutter resharpening problem, is such a small but need to pay attention to the place, crown drill precision for you to solve the problem:

Due to the adhesion and fusion of stainless steel, chips are easy to adhere to the milling cutter edge, so that the cutting conditions deteriorate; reverse milling, the cutting edge first in the already hardened surface glide, increasing the trend of machining hardening; milling impact, vibration, so that the milling cutter edge is easy to collapse and wear, so the tool resharpening is particularly important, we often encounter the following questions.

For example, what tools need resharpening?

Because most of the tools can be resharpened, in the production design to consider the subsequent tool resharpening; of course, on this basis tool resharpening should also take into account the overall cost and benefit; for most of the relatively low price, resharpening costs are relatively high tool can be directly scrapped and give up resharpening, because its own added value is not high; for some molding tools, because the size will be small after resharpening, milling cutters, drills need to be reworked, when the overall cost is relatively high, it is necessary to consider tool resharpening, in order to reduce production costs, reduce resource loss of low-carbon green behavior.

non-standard tool

Second, the focus of tool resharpening lies in which areas?

When the dull willing edge line cut off, and then in the more complete base to grind a new edge; for hole processing drilling tools, it is necessary to take into account the damage to the guide part and then grind; when the edge mouth normal uniform wear can be directly restorative grinding; and when the edge of the chipping angle is not very serious tool can be line cut off the wear or chipping angle parts and then grind;.

Third, can the tool be coated again after resharpening?

After tool resharpening, a new intact cutting edge is produced by grinding the rear face of the tool; a suitable front and rear angle is selected and the cutting edge is processed; according to the customer's requirements, the tool accuracy requirements after resharpening can be selected whether it needs to be coated.

The above is the crown drill precision for you to collate the customers often encountered problems for your reference, later whether it is non-standard tools, non-standard milling cutter stainless steel special milling cutter, forming milling cutter, thread milling cutter, tungsten steel drill, reamer, milling cutter, rough skin milling cutter, taper milling cutter, reamer, tapping and many other issues, welcome to discuss together.


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