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Non-standard tool selection guide

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Non-standard tool is the most practical tool for complete cutting or sector cutting of parts, especially in the manufacturing industry, is an integral part. It is different from the previous standard tools, non-standard tools can support different performance, different characteristics, different precision parts processing, non-standard tools can be adapted to the now existing inserts, clamping devices, tool holders and interfaces and other places, and can be equipped with one or more scale inserts according to their own needs of special tool holders, so that they can be used as a single or multiple scale tools, can provide the efficiency of the use of tools.

For example, when you need to process a relatively large part, due to the various characteristics of the part requirements, the most appropriate is to choose a special non-standard tooling program

Of course, this is also true for simple parts, as non-standard tooling solutions can eliminate the production bottlenecks encountered. There are many places where off-standard tooling is the best solution, including the vast majority of machining categories, materials and industry paradigms, most often in combination tooling solutions that represent the majority of off-standard tooling. 

These solutions are usually based on various combinations of standard inserts, tool cards, tool interfaces, drilling slots, anti-vibration systems or tool holder clamping devices. Purely non-standard tools with peculiar properties account for nearly a quarter of the total number of non-standard tools, while non-standard tools that are similar to scale tools account for three quarters. 

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The machining category is deep hole processing and the processing of parts made of composite materials are considered important for the use of non-standard tools, such composite materials are important for carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and materials supported by the stacking of metals on the composite material. Assuming that the production bottleneck of the processing, non-standard tools can be the best option, which can solve most of the problems that can not be solved by standard tools, and thus can improve production efficiency.

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