Maintenance and care of non-standard tools
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Maintenance and care of non-standard tools

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Today's parts are not only becoming smaller, but at the same time they include more and more parts to provide more functions. Making small and complex parts requires the use of micro tools for machining, which become non-standard tools while being highly susceptible to deformation and breakage. 

Those used for microfabrication do not respond to the cutting environment in the same way as larger tools. There are a large number of microfabrication problems that affect the basic mechanism of the process, and these problems are fundamentally different from those that exist when large-size tools are used for machining.

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As product competition continues to intensify, tool users have put forward requirements for tool manufacturers such as stable tool performance, long life, low price and fast delivery; tool manufacturers have the following main requirements for tool grinding machines according to the structure of tool products and customer needs: simple machine tool operation, short set-up time, the ability to realize software online 3D simulation processing, reducing the technical requirements for operators.

The machine can be freely programmed for the development of non-standard tools with complex structures to meet the special needs of customers; high grinding efficiency, short processing time for a single piece, reduced machine occupation time, reduced production costs and shortened delivery time; inexpensive equipment, low operating costs, and reduced equipment accounting for the total tool production. Low equipment prices and operating costs reduce the proportion of equipment to the total cost of tool production; low failure rate avoids unnecessary downtime and maintenance.

Non-standard toolsneed to be maintained and serviced, pre-adjusted and tested, tool life needs to be controlled, a perfect system and a series of management are needed to ensure that the production line gets the non-standard tools that meet the requirements in a timely manner and in sufficient quantity, and get quick response and support when processing problems or tool problems occur, and quickly analyze and solve the problems that arise so that production can proceed normally, and the manufacturing costs including tool costs should be competitive enough in the market, all these have put forward new requirements for the management of non-standard tools that are different from those in the past.

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