Knowledge of thread milling tools(2)
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Knowledge of thread milling tools(2)

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5, Why do thread milling tools always break?

This problem can be caused by many factors: the runout of the machine spindle. The stability of the clamping, the size and depth of the bottom hole, the material of the tool and the design itself, the collision tool, and the unreasonable parameters.

6, How to grind 60 degrees for internal threads in CNC turning?

The threaded tool is divided into internal and external threads, but the sharpening principle is the same. The sample has a concave tip angle of 90 degrees and is evenly aligned. When sharpening. Use the tool against the sample while sharpening. Until the seam is closed and perpendicular to the sample. Then the lower part can be sharpened more. In order not to collide with the turning workpiece. The general principle is that the top is wide and the bottom is narrow. The top is long and the bottom is short.


7, What is the difference between thread milling cutter, wave edge milling cutter and tap?

Thread milling cutters are mainly used for internal and external threads, and are more efficient than taps. Wave edge milling cutters can be classified as general milling cutters, mainly used for rough machining of products. The tap is used for tapping with higher precision. These three types of tools from the appearance of a little bit to the direction.

8, Can the milling cutter for internal thread milling be used for external thread milling?

Basically no, although I have never milled threads, but generally speaking, the thread milling cutter moves against the inner diameter of the bore according to the trajectory, and the tool does not take too much force. However, the size of the external thread cannot be guaranteed, unless the tolerance is not too high. You can check the instructions of the CNC equipment, and consult with the technical staff of the equipment manufacturer to communicate. Generally speaking, the external threads are handled by turning or sheet metal taps.

9, What is the difference between tap and thread milling cutter?

If it is a single tooth thread milling cutter, it is easy to distinguish; if it is a multi-tooth cutter, it is also easier. The most direct way is to look at the upper teeth. Tap is a spiral tooth, thread milling cutter is a circle tooth.

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