How to judge the quality of non-standard tools
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How to judge the quality of non-standard tools

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Non-standard tools directly affect the efficiency of production, non-standard tools are closely related to non-standard automatic equipment, almost all production workshops will use non-standard tools, however, the quality of non-standard tools from various manufacturers also vary, the quality of the different decided to choose a non-standard tool manufacturers are different. So how do we judge the good and bad of non-standard tools? In fact, consumers can distinguish according to the following aspects.

How to judge the good and bad of non-standard cutting tools?

First, the hardness of non-standard tools

As most of the non-standard tools are customized according to the drawings provided by customers, or samples and other specifications, so that non-standard tools can reach the hardness suitable for their own machinery. Tool hardness is for higher production efficiency, the general customer will require the hardness to reach what degree, said non-standard tools can have efficient cutting ability to speed up the production of the purpose.

Second, the non-standard tool rust resistance

Non-standard tools will be due to long-term processing and may appear rusty; such work will affect the safety of the material; for manufacturers, generally when customers place orders for customization, will communicate with customers to achieve what degree of rust resistance, to ensure that the tool rust-proof effect.

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Third, the wear resistance of non-standard tools

When the tool material hardness is high, the wear resistance is also high. But the higher the hardness of the tool material, the lower its flexural strength and impact toughness, so the choice of material. Directly affect the wear resistance of the tool.

Fourth, the heat treatment process

Coated non-standard tools, with high surface hardness, good wear resistance, stable chemical properties, heat and oxidation resistance, small friction factor and low thermal conductivity and other characteristics, coated tools cutting than uncoated tools to improve tool life by more than 3 to 5 times, improve tool cutting speed 20% to 70%, improve machining accuracy 0.5 to 1 level, reduce tool consumption costs 20% to 50%.

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