How to ensure machining accuracy in machining?(1)
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How to ensure machining accuracy in machining?(1)

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Nowadays, there are high processing requirements for parts, but in the actual processing, there are many factors affecting the machining accuracy, the actual machined parts can not be exactly as designed in accordance with the drawings to reach the point of zero touch zero, more or less there will be a certain amount of error, how to reduce these errors to the point that does not affect the use of a long-term research project, this paper will introduce the methods on how to improve the machining accuracy.

Workpieces are the basic components of modern machinery and equipment, and their accuracy directly determines whether the quality and precision of machinery and equipment can meet production needs. Therefore, many workpieces are required to have sufficient machining accuracy in the process of processing, where the machining accuracy mainly refers to whether the size and shape of the part and the position light of the surface obtained in the process of processing are in accordance with the relevant parameters in the design drawings.

If the ideal set of parameters is obtained, then for the size of the part that is the average size; for the shape of the part, that is, the absolute plane or circle, cylindrical, conical or linear shape; and from the analysis between the surface of the part, the absolute perpendicular, parallel or symmetrical and coaxial, etc.. Machining errors, i.e. deviations between the actual parameters and the ideal design parameters, can occur during machining. How can we reduce such errors in the machining process? So that the machined workpiece can meet the design standard requirements is the current need for further research.

The causes of machining errors are many, and the following will be elaborated on the factors affecting machining accuracy:

(1) processing principle error is mainly refers to the processing process using the approximate edge profile or the approximate transmission relationship for processing and error. The machining principle error is mostly found in thread, gear and complex surface machining.

(2) Adjustment error refers to the error caused by the inappropriate adjustment for the workpiece during machining.

(3) machine tool error refers to the machine tool due to its installation in the manufacturing process is not in place or in the process of use due to the wear and tear of the machine tool and other processing errors. Machine tool guiding error refers to the moving axis of the machine tool along the axis direction of the error, this guiding accuracy mainly affects the tool along the guide direction and the workpiece in the error-sensitive direction of relative displacement. 

One of the machine tool rotary axis error rotary axis along the direction of the central axis caused by the diameter of the jump and other errors, will be on the processing of the workpiece in the radial direction of the error, the machine tool drive chain transmission error is the machine tool movement from the motor drive to the mobile axis. The error between the ratio of the transmission on.

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