How to choose the size when customizing milling cutters?
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How to choose the size when customizing milling cutters?

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There are many considerations when customizing milling cutters, such as the size issue, if the custom size is not suitable then it is equivalent to the whole operation is scrapped, which seriously increases the cost of all kinds.

Today, for example, we will give you an example of how to choose the right size when customizing milling cutters for aluminum, and we will refer to it.

1, able to measure themselves first.

In general, the factory in the custom aluminum milling cutter, will first go to the measurement of their own machine tools need to use the milling cutter is how big, of course, this step generally requires a very professional person to carry out, the measurement data is more accurate. If you want to measure to a precise data, then you need to let professionals to measure, after all, for this is not professional or no basic people, and can not measure the exact data. Of course, there are many factories in the custom milling cutter before the measurement, they will go directly to the production of milling cutter company and staff to communicate, but this is actually more trouble, such as you do not have the measurement of the approximate scale, the company does not know whether they can produce this milling cutter. Therefore, you try to go to the measurement first.

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2, inform the custom company of the data you measured, do not directly tell others what standard you want.

After you have measured the data, you can start looking for the relevant companies manufacturers. But you are looking for a company, you must provide others with the data you measured, and do not directly tell others what standard of milling cutter you want, because you do not know what standard of milling cutter you want. And it is possible that what you think is the standard and the production company's standard are not the same at all. Therefore, you only need to inform others of the data you measured, and the company staff can naturally judge the standard of the milling cutter according to the data you provided.

3, after determining the company, confirm the data.

If you have chosen a good company, then you will be able to let the staff inside that company to confirm the data, because the data measured by unprofessional people is not particularly accurate, and may not be the data that the custom aluminum milling cutter company wants, so you can let the company's staff to measure again to confirm.

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