How to choose the right non-standard tool for your company
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How to choose the right non-standard tool for your company

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Mold industry as China has a long history of development of the industry, and non-standard tooling as an important part of the manufacturing industry, if the quality of the tool is not good, it is difficult to complete the high efficiency, high precision and high standard parts processing requirements. Before a long time mold cutting processing is a form of rough machining, and many products rely on imports, China Machinery Industry Metal Milling Tool Technology Association has also affirmed that China urgently needs industry enterprises and experts in advanced manufacturing tooling and process technology research, break through the existing technical bottlenecks, so that China's non-standard tooling industry to upgrade a grade, to accelerate the pace of expansion to foreign markets.

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With the rapid development of China's mold industry in recent years, the rapid rise of the new mold industry, along with the progress of material heat treatment and cutting technology, the previous kind of traditional rough machining is gradually replaced by new cutting methods, more and more become semi-finishing to finishing for the dominant type of mold processing, such a change is undoubtedly a major progress in the industry, indicating that China's mold industry is constantly moving towards globalization.

Suzhou Ubtool current machine tool processing by CNC machine flexibility, wear-resistant tool materials and surface coating, new non-standard tool structure constituted by high-speed cutting system, can improve productivity by 30% ~ 50%, and reduce the manual polishing workload 60 ~ 100%, thus the entire mold production cycle shortened by 2 / 3, improve the competitiveness of non-standard tooling companies in the market.

At present, Suzhou Ubtool non-standard tooling has gradually moved away from the pre-rough machining method, according to the market demand, product performance, efficient processing of non-standard tools, but also to meet the batch or small batch processing, as well as to meet the material hardness, complex shape and cutting allowance of special products processing, can develop a large number of special non-standard milling cutters to adapt to their own mold production needs, non-standard tools, stainless steel special milling cutters, shaped milling cutters, thread milling cutters, tungsten steel drill, reamer, milling cutters, rough skin milling cutters, taper milling cutters, reamers, tapping and other products, to provide one-stop solution services for enterprises.

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