Features and applications of CNC tools
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Features and applications of CNC tools

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CNC tools is the general term for all kinds of tools used with CNC machine tools (CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC boring and milling machines, machining centers, automatic lines and flexible manufacturing systems).

1, the characteristics of CNC machine tools.

(1) has a good and stable cutting performance tool rigidity, high precision, high-speed cutting and powerful cutting.

(2) knife has a high life tool a large number of carbide materials or high-performance materials (such as ceramic inserts, cubic boron nitride inserts, diamond composite inserts and coated inserts, etc., high-speed steel tools are used more is high cobalt, high vanadium, aluminum high-performance high-speed steel and powder metallurgy high-speed steel).

(3) tool (blade) interchangeability is good, can quickly change the tool can achieve automatic, rapid replacement, shorten the auxiliary time.

(4) The tool has high accuracy. The tool is suitable for the processing of higher precision workpieces, especially when using indexable inserts. The tool body and insert repeat positioning accuracy is high, so it can obtain good processing quality.

(5) The knife has a reliable chip roll and chip break performance. The use of CNC machine tools can not stop at will to deal with chips, the long chips in the processing will affect the safety of the operator and processing efficiency.

(6) The knife has the function of adjusting the size. The tool can be pre-adjusted outside the machine (to the tool) or compensation inside the machine to reduce the tool change adjustment time.

(7) The tool can be serialized, standardized and modularized Tool serialization, standardization and modularization is beneficial to programming, tool management and cost reduction.

(8) Multi-functional compound and specialization.

cnc tool

The main application areas of CNC tools include:

(1) the automotive industry The automotive industry is characterized by high volume processing, assembly line production, the second is relatively fixed processing conditions. In order to optimize production, improve quality and efficiency, the automotive industry on the tool processing efficiency and service life of the very demanding requirements. At the same time, due to the use of assembly line operations, in order to avoid the downtime of the entire production line due to tool changes, resulting in huge economic losses, so the use of mandatory uniform tool changes is usually adopted. This also puts a unique and high demand on the stability of tool quality.

(2) aerospace industry The aerospace industry is characterized by high processing accuracy requirements, the second is the material is difficult to process. Most of the parts processed in this industry are made of high-temperature alloys and nickel-titanium alloys with high toughness and strength (such as INCONEL718, etc.).

(3) large turbines, turbines, generators and diesel engine production enterprises These enterprises to process the parts are mostly large, expensive value, in processing, to ensure the accuracy of the parts being processed and less scrap is essential, so in these industries often use imported tools.

(4) the use of CNC machine tools more enterprises As the saying goes, "a good horse with a good saddle", in order to improve processing efficiency and product quality, give full play to the efficiency of the use of CNC machine tools, often using imported tools are more likely to achieve the desired results.

(5) foreign-funded enterprises in these enterprises, often pay more attention to production efficiency and quality assurance. In addition, there are many other industries, such as the mold industry, military enterprises, such as the application of CNC tools are also very common.


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