Classification, selection and application of CNC milling cutters(2)
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Classification, selection and application of CNC milling cutters(2)

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3 rough and finish machining tools should be utilized

CNC milling processing things milling and processing of the name with diversity, processing of the instrument is divided into two categories,  different work content and processing products in the detailed milling process necessary to use the tool example also has a large difference. If only one tool is used for processing, then the processed products are more equal, it is difficult to distinguish accurately, and the processed products are difficult to meet the requirements of use, not in line with the actual use. 

Only the adoption of different tools, the real environment of the joint processing production, accurate classification of tools, in order to improve the quality level of the product, to meet the use of the scale, to ensure the effectiveness of the products produced.

Compared with ball-headed tools, flat tools have a great advantage in terms of surface processing quality and cutting effectiveness, so you need to ensure that the processing, whether in roughing or finishing preferred to use flat tools is better. At the time of milling three-dimensional class workpiece, the best also choose the flat tool, and combined with the material of the tool and the characteristics of the processed products for a more accurate choice. In contrast, in the processing of milling applications in curved products, in order to prevent the phenomenon of overcutting, the best use of ball-headed tools, and pay attention to master the accuracy of processing and cutting interval, so as not to reduce efficiency.

4 use the active tool change effect of the machining center to improve production efficiency

With the rapid growth of social economy, science and technology, the previous CNC milling processing objects and related tools have not been able to meet the new requirements of the reality of processing, work efficiency can not meet the new requirements of social development. The adoption of active tool change object has become the general trend. In the past, most of the CNC milling processing things for manual manipulation, its low efficiency, and easier to squander a large number of human, material and financial resources, not conducive to the promotion of the quality of things.

The adoption of active tool change technology, scientific improvement of the use of tools, it may promote the effectiveness of the use of tools, speedy tool selection, and the adoption of active means of cutting. It not only saves time, but also promotes the processing quality and effect of milling, and meets the new characteristics of the rational use of modern technology. Of course, the use of active tool change technology is not just a simple name, it must complete the inorganic combination of itself and the object, and the time and spacing of the active tool change must also be precise, in order to improve production efficiency.


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