Classification, selection and application of CNC milling cutters(1)
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Classification, selection and application of CNC milling cutters(1)

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1 common varieties of CNC milling machine tools

CNC machining tools must comply with the characteristics of high-speed CNC machine tools, high efficiency and high level of automation, generally should normally contain general-purpose tools, general articulated toolholders and a large number of common toolholders. Toolholder to connect the tool and installed in the machine tool energy head, therefore, has been gradually standardized and serialized.

(1) According to the tool layout can be divided into.

Integral type; inlay type, the adoption of welding or machine clamping type coupling, machine clamping type and can be divided into non-rotating and rotatable two; special type, such as composite tools, shock-absorbing tools.

(2) According to the materials used in the production of tools can be divided into.

High-speed steel tools; carbide tools; diamond tools; the rest of the material tools, such as cubic boron nitride tools, ceramic tools, etc.

(3) from the cutting process can be divided into.

Turning tools, divided into external, internal hole, thread, cutting tools and other kinds; drilling tools, including drill, reamer, tap, etc.; boring tools; milling tools, etc.

In order to comply with the CNC machine tools on the tool durability, stability, easy to adjust, exchangeable and other requirements, in recent years, the machine clamping indexable tools to obtain universal use, in the number of all CNC tools to reach 30% to 40%, metal removal accounted for 80% to 90% of the total.

end mill

2 milling cutter selection

The selection of the end mill is carried out under the human-machine interaction condition of CNC programming. Should milling machine milling cutter selection is divided into milling cutter diameter selection and milling cutter tooth selection. Milling cutter diameter selection: usually try to use small diameter specifications of the milling cutter, due to the large diameter of the milling cutter, cutting torque increases, easy to form cutting vibration, and the cutting length of the milling cutter growth, so that the milling efficiency is reduced. Of course, not always, when the rigidity of the milling cutter is poor, then the processing environment should try to use a larger diameter milling cutter, in order to grow the rigidity of the milling cutter.

In the economic CNC machine tool processing, due to the tool sharpening, measurement and exchange are mostly manual manual, occupying a long time, therefore, it is necessary to reasonably allocate the order of the tool.

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