Characteristics of CNC machining tools
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Characteristics of CNC machining tools

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From the cutting process can be divided into

①Turning tools are divided into external, internal, external and internal threads, grooving, end cutting, end ring grooving, cutting, etc.

CNC lathes generally use the standard machine-clamped indexable tools. The inserts and tool bodies of the clamp indexable tools are standardized, and the insert materials are made of carbide, coated carbide and high-speed steel.

The types of clampable indexable tools for CNC lathes are external tools, external thread tools, internal tools, internal thread tools, cut-off tools, hole processing tools (including center hole drills, boring tools, taps, etc.).

Machine clampable indexable tools clamped without resharpening blades usually use screws, screw pressure plates, bar pins or wedges and other structures.

Conventional turning tools are long square tool body or cylindrical tool bar.

The square tool body is usually fixed with a slotted tool holder screw fastening method. The cylindrical tool bar is fixed by sleeve screw fastening. It

The connection between them and the machine tool plate is made by means of a slotted tool holder and a socket joint. In the modular turning tool system, the connection of the tool plate is mostly rack and pinion shank connection, while the connection of the tool head to the tool body is "insert quick-change system". It can be used for both external turning and internal hole boring, and it is also suitable for automatic tool changing system of turning center.

The tools used in CNC lathes are divided into three categories in terms of cutting methods: round surface cutting tools, end cutting tools and center hole type tools.

②Drilling tools are divided into small holes, short holes, deep holes, tapping threads, reaming, etc.

Drilling tools can be used in CNC lathes, turning centers, and also in CNC boring and milling machines and machining centers. Therefore, it has a variety of structures and coupling forms. There are straight shank, straight shank screw fastening, tapered shank, threaded coupling, modular coupling (conical or cylindrical coupling) and many others.

③ Boring tools are divided into rough boring and fine boring tools.

Boring tools can be divided into integral boring shank, modular boring shank and boring head from the structure. From the processing process requirements can be divided into rough boring and fine boring tools.

drill tool

Milling tools are divided into face milling, end milling, and three-sided milling tools.

Face milling cutters (also called end mills) Face milling cutters have cutting edges on the circumferential surface and the end face, and the end cutting edge is the secondary cutting edge. Face milling cutters are mostly made into sleeve-type inserted tooth structure and insert machine clamping indexable structure, the tooth material is high-speed steel or carbide, and the cutter body is 40Cr.

In order to achieve high efficiency, versatility, quick change, economic purposes, CNC machining tools compared with ordinary metal cutting tools should have the following characteristics.

●Inserts and tool shanks are highly generalized, standardized and serialized. The durability of the insert or tool and the reasonableness of the economic life index. The standardization and typicalization of the geometric and cutting parameters of the tool or insert.

● Matching between insert or tool material and cutting parameters and the material to be machined.

●The tool should have high precision, including the shape accuracy of the tool, the relative position of the insert and tool shank to the machine tool spindle.

The accuracy of the tool should be high, including the accuracy of the shape of the tool, the relative position of the insert and the toolholder to the machine tool spindle, the repeatability of the insert and the toolholder's rotation and disassembly.

●The toolholder should have high strength, rigidity and good wear resistance.

● There is a limit to the installed weight of the toolholder or tooling system.

● There is a requirement for the position and direction of blade and toolholder cut-in.

● The positioning reference of the insert and toolholder and the automatic tool change system should be optimized. The tools used on CNC machine tools should meet the requirements of easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high precision and durability.

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