Application and characteristics of center drill bit
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Application and characteristics of center drill bit

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Center drill bit center drill is also a hole processing very common tool, mainly used for drilling before the center drill positioning, but also as a tool for processing chamfering, center drill common specifications, but to good tool inventory standard specifications out of stock not much, mainly to customize, today I mainly explain to you about the characteristics and applications of the center drill!

The most common types of center drills are compound center drills and straight shank center drills, compound center drills are double-headed center drills can also be used as a two-stage drill to process holes and chamfers at one time, while straight shank center drills are mainly used for positioning before drilling, to the good tool mainly produced for straight shank center drills, mainly used for automatic lathe drilling before positioning, the center drill turns to the left, it also becomes a left-handed center drill!


The standard center drill produced is 6.0, 7.0, 3.0 three specifications, other specifications are generally not in stock, need to customize the production, and in addition to this professional center drill for automatic lathe is a special center drill for cell phone nuts, cell phone nuts special center drill, is a large shank welding type alloy center drill, mainly used for cell phone nuts before the drilling of copper nuts center drill positioning, the role is the same just shape Different shapes and different specifications!

About the material of the center drill, mainly divided into cobalt high-speed steel and carbide two materials, processing materials include, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials! The role of the center drill should not be underestimated, and the amount of the same!

Generally buy drill bits can look at the logo on the shank of the drill and the diameter tolerance mark, clear logo, laser or electro-etching quality is not too bad. If the word is pressed by the word mold, if the edge of the word bulges up, the drill bit is of poor quality, because the bulging word profile will lead to the drill bit clamping accuracy can not meet the requirements, and the word edge is clear, very good and the cylindrical surface of the drill bit shank junction of the good quality. Also look at the cutting edge of the tip of the drill bit, the edge of the fully ground drill bit is well opened and the spiral surface meets the requirements, while the poor quality is poor at the rear corner surface.

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