Advantages of tungsten steel drill bits and selection of use
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Advantages of tungsten steel drill bits and selection of use

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Tungsten steel drill bits, also known as carbide drill bits, are usually made from a monolithic carbide bar, which is ground using a diamond grinding wheel on a five-axis machining center. The versatility of tungsten steel drill bits is wide, and they are suitable for processing parts of various materials due to their high strength, high hardness properties, fast cutting speed, wear resistance, good red-hardness, etc. Tungsten carbide drill bits can be divided into two types according to the cooling structure: without cooling hole and with cooling hole.

Tungsten steel drill bit features and uses.

(1) Good rigidity and high strength, easy to obtain high drilling accuracy.

(2)Tungsten carbide drill bit can be suitable for drilling of more complicated materials and can choose higher cutting speed.

(3)Effectively reduce chipping and have good wear resistance.

(4)Multi-layer geometry cutting end edges improve chip removal performance and maintain a small cutting resistance.


(5)In addition to the commonly used right-angle shank, a variety of shank types are available, suitable for a variety of drilling machines and drill presses.

(6)Compared with the indexable insert type drill, the integral carbide drill can be resharpened 7 to 10 times.

2. Tungsten steel drill selection: Before processing the parts, you should first choose the suitable tungsten steel drill according to the different materials of the parts, the machine tools used, the accuracy of the holes, the cost of tools and other comprehensive factors; secondly, according to the accuracy of the drilled holes and the depth of the holes, choose different drill sizes and structures of the drill, such as two-edge, three-edge, X-type, etc.; choose different cutting parameters according to the accuracy of the equipment and products.

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